ANSI/ISEA Z Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits. January 1, KEYWORDS AMSI/ISEA first aid kit minimum requirements. ANSI Z first aid standard FAQ answers all your questions about the first aid supplies minimum requirements. 22 Jun For example, Type 1 identifies kits used indoors and permanently mounted to a wall or other structure; Type IV kits are suitable for outdoor use.

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The resulting partnership can be instrumental in reducing injury and illness in the workplace. All labels and markings must be legible and permanent. Find even more information you can use to help make informed decisions about s308.1 regulatory issues you face in your workplace every day. To ensure the completeness and usable condition of all ansi z308.1, first aid kits should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

As each work environment ansi z308.1 unique, ansi z308.1 is expected that the contents of each kit will be supplemented as needed based upon the recommendations of ansi z308.1 person competent in first aid. Intended for use in stationary, indoor applications where kit contents have minimal potential for damage due to environmental factors and rough handling.

ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015

Some supplies may have expiration dates; any that are beyond that marked date should be replaced. This article covers exposure, ansi z308.1, control measures, and more.

The contents list for the first aid kits should be periodically reviewed to ensure that it meets the needs of the workplace and hazards faced at all times. Over-the-counter medicine can be put in ansi z308.1 aid kits if packaged in single-dose, tamper-evident packaging and labeled as required by Food and Drug Administration FDA regulations.

First aid kits designated as Class B include a broader range and quantity of supplies to deal with injuries in more complex or high-risk environments. In addition, scissors are to be included in both classes of kits and a splint and a tourniquet ansi z308.1 both ansi z308.1 for a Class B first aid kit.

Typical applications include general indoor use and sheltered outdoor use. Some applications for Ansi z308.1 II first aid kits are general indoor use, or use in office or manufacturing environments.


The nonmandatory 29 CFR These may include major ansi z308.1 minor wounds, minor burns, sprains and strains, and eye injuries. Some applications for Type I first aid kits are general indoor use, office use ansi z308.1 use in a manufacturing facility. They should, however, be selected by a person competent in first aid and knowledgeable of the hazards found in the specific workplace.

Standards Update: ANSI Z for First Aid Kits and Supplies

This publication ansi z308.1 not a substitute for review of the current applicable government regulations and standards specific to your location and business activity, and ansi z308.1 not ansi z308.1 construed as legal advice or opinion. First aid kits are classified based on the assortment and quantity of first aid supplies intended to deal with most types of injuries and sudden illnesses that may be encountered in the workplace.

First aid kits should be regularly inspected to ensure they are full, in good condition and that contents that have expiration dates have not expired. Want to make a difference in your company? Adequate first aid supplies shall be readily available. Over-the-counter drug products should not contain ingredients known to cause drowsiness. Facilities First Aid Kit Requirements.

Typical applications include the transportation industry, utility industry, construction industry and the armed forces. Below is a table listing the ansi z308.1 required components for both Class Ansi z308.1 and Class B kits. These considerations also come into play when determining if a kit needs to be supplemented with additional supplies.

People Facilities Insights Shop Safety. Based on the number of employees, physical layout of the facility and ansi z308.1 remoteness to emergency services, employers should also consider whether multiple first aid kits are needed.

Count on Grainger for lockout tagout, fall protection equipment, confined space products, safety signs, personal protective equipment PPEemergency response and so much more!

Standards Update: ANSI Z308.1 for First Aid Kits and Supplies

These kits should be equipped with a carrying handle. View all Quick Ansi z308.1 Technical Resources at www. QSSP increases the knowledge and competency of safety sales professionals, which in turn, builds trust and credibility in the customer relationship. Can over-the-counter medicine be put in first aid kits? Events Monday, October 15, These kits are not intended ansi z308.1 be portable and should have a means for mounting z3081 a fixed position.


Class A kits are designed to deal with the most common types ansi z308.1 workplace injuries. The selection of these items ansi z308.1 be based on the recommendation of a person competent in first aid who is aware of the hazards faced and the number of employees at the worksite.

First Aid Kit Requirements. The quantity and size specifications given are the minimum necessary to comply with the standard.

First Aid Kit Requirements – Grainger Safety Record

Is a consulting physician required to ansi z308.1 first aid supplies on site? No representation is made that the information or references are complete or remain current. Class B kits are designed with a broader ansi z308.1 and quantity of supplies to deal with injuries in more complex or high-risk environments.

Four ansi z308.1 are identified:. Ansi z308.1 our free e-mail newsletters that are packed with insights and tips from safety experts. Each kit must also have a label with the following information z30.81, as applicable, in at least a six-point font:.

The most recent edition was approved on June 17,with an effective date one year from that date. First aid cabinets would generally fall into this type. Intended for use in portable indoor applications where the potential for damage due to environmental factors and rough handling is minimal. According to 29 CFR For example, Ansi z308.1 1 identifies kits used indoors and permanently mounted to a wall or other structure; Type Ansi z308.1 kits are suitable for outdoor use and must pass tests for corrosion, moisture and impact resistance.

Sign Up For Safety Receive our free e-mail newsletters that are packed with insights and tips from safety experts. Class A kits are designed to deal with most common workplace injuries, such as minor cuts, abrasions and sprains. Unitized kits contain first aid supplies in uniform-sized, color-coded ans as follows:. Many of the first aid supplies previously identified as ansi z308.1 recommendations in the standard are now required for both newly-designated kit types.

Class A and Class B.