27 Nov If you haven’t used ColdFusion’s CFContent tag to stream data to the browser, either as an inline object, or as an attachment, you should at. cfcontent type = “file_type” deleteFile = “Yes” or “No” file = “filename” reset = ” Yes” or “No”>starting with a drive letter and a colon, or a forward or backward. CFCONTENT. Defines the MIME type returned by the current page. Optionally, allows you to specify the name of a file to be returned with the page.

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All times are GMT. Or are they so basic that they are unreliable for controlling downloads across cfcnotent The only reliable solution is to generate a real spreadsheet.

I’m pretty sure that a zipped file would have to evoke the ‘Save As’ dialogue.

I just need a right answer for my genuine question, nothing more nothing less: Way back we implemented this using the technique below. Replacing one error message with crcontent is not really a solution ;- Increased security features make newer versions of Excel far less tolerant of the old cfcohtent the browser into thinking html is a spreadsheet” trick.

The second one did: Here is my code: The filename must start with a drive letter and a colon, or a forward or backward slash. Usually related to Excel security settings.


The following are some of the content type values that you can use:. Keep the datestamp logic for the display name, but use something unique, like createUUID for the physical file.

For a complete list of media types used on the Internet, see www. This list uses Java internal names, not the IANA character encoding names that you use in the SetEncoding charset parameter and other ColdFusion attributes and parameters.

Jules 1, 10 You are the greatest! If you use this tag after the cfflush tag on a page, ColdFusion throws an error. Sign up using Facebook. The following tag can force most browsers to display a dialog that asks users whether they want to save the contents of the file specified by the cfcontent tag as a with the filename specified by the filename value.

For more information on character encodings, see the following web pages:. Home Services Forums Advertise Contact. When you use this attribute, any other output on the current CFML page is ignored; only the contents of the file is sent to the client. If the file is a If a file delete operation is unsuccessful, ColdFusion throws an error. You can use the cfcontent tag to override the default character encoding of the response.

The following are some of the content type values you can use include: For more information on character encodings, see the following web pages: When using ColdFusion in a distributed configuration, the file attribute must refer to a path on the system on which the web server runs.

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Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cfconteent policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Usage To set the character encoding character set of generated output, including the page HTML, use code such as the following: By gmahler5th in forum Coldfusion – Advanced Techniques.

It’ll still give cfcontwnt question to the user Name of an on-disk or in-memory file whose contents provide the page output.

ColdFusion Help | Using cfcontent

The old html trick was a workable option once upon a time. Some file types, cfcontenh as PDF documents, do not use executable code and can display directly in most browsers. Here’s what we did: Sign up using Email and Password. I am programming a CF application for an online university. Leonid Alzhin 1 7.

Using cfcontent

The content type determines how cfcontnt browser or client interprets the page contents. I want it to save on the user’s computer. Yes I did check through various other related questions in the forum, but never hit the right one.

Obviously, this is not an acceptable solution.