Order Fluke Calibration A-P Dry-Well Field Calibrator online from Transcat. Fluke Authorized Distributor. Rentals available. Free Shipping!. Fluke Calibration A Field Dry-Well Metrology Temperature Calibrator with Model INSA (“A” Insert), °C to °C – at the Test Equipment. Buy Fluke A Drywell Calibrator A Browse our latest drywell- calibrators offers. Free Next Day Delivery.

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These industrial temperature loop calibrators are perfect for performing transmitter loop calibrations, comparison calibrations, or simple checks of thermocouple sensors. They weigh less than 8. Please contact your local sales representative if you have special requirements. Yes, they can connect a piece of metal to a heater and a control sensor.

If you need to customize the ramp rate or run additional cycles, the manual setup allows you to program and run the procedure exactly how you would like. Loading Effect with a 6. Yes, they can connect a piece of metal to a heater and a control sensor. But this is not all! Field Metrology Wells do it all as a flue instrument.

A | Fluke A Drywell Calibrator | RS Components

Eliminating Sensor Errors in Loop Calibrations 2. These are the people around the world who decide what a Kelvin is! Reference PRTs for Field Metrology Wells contain individual calibration constants that reside in a memory chip located inside the sensor housing, so sensors may be used interchangeably.

Compare the reading of your device to the display temperature or to an external reference, and the difference is the error in your device. Each Field Metrology Well has a built-in gradient-temperature compensation patent pending that adjusts control characteristics to ensure stable performance in unstable environments. Industrial Temperature Calibrators Workload Matrix Why not leave a review of this product? What every instrument technician should know 1. Insert A, B, C, or D included specify when ordering.


Traditionally, calibrations of temperature transmitters have been performed on the measurement electronics, while the sensor remained uncalibrated. The Fluke X Field Metrology Well is a versatile, accurate, efficient and convenient product ideal for calibrating mA transmitters and simple thermostatic switches among other sensors.

Please contact your local Fluke Calibration sales representative for details or to request a quote. Auto setup requires the entry of only the nominal switch temperature.

Take along the Fluke Multifunction Process Calibrator, Field Metrology Wells Technical Data. Verbesserung der Temperaturgenauigkeit bei der Kalibrierung von Messketten German S mm well depth 5.

Hence, I went ahead and bought a which is a next version of current dry block.

Fluke 9142-A-256 Drywell Calibrator

Each product has a stability indicator that visually and audibly tells you the Field Metrology Wells is stable to the selectable criteria. Register Log in Contact Us. Plug in lfuke Flukeswitch it on, set the temperature with the front-panel buttons, and insert your probe into the properly sized well.

How about all this and a turnkey solution that will automate and document the results? But this is not all!

Take along the Fluke Multifunction Process Calibrator, and you’re equipped to test and calibrate almost any process parameter. Field Metrology Wells are designed for the industrial process environment. The transmitter sensor is placed in the well with the reference PRT and the transmitter electronics are connected to the front panel of the instrument.


Write Your Own Review How do you rate this product? I have used dry block before and am extremely satisfied. These are the people around the world who decide what a Kelvin is! Reviews help us improve our service for customers looking for a product to make a decision. Built-in reference thermometer readout accuracy 4-Wire Reference Probe 1.

The ‘s split display lets you view input With 24 V loop power, you are able to power and measure the transmitter current while sourcing and measuring temperature in the Field Metrology Well.

, , Users Guide Manual

As always, I am very pleased with the quality of product and customer service. No reviews have been found. We Accept Purchase Orders.

All Field Metrology Wells allow for two types of automated thermostatic switch test procedures—auto or manual setup. The Series Field Metrology Wells extend high performance to the industrial process environment by maximizing portability, speed, and functionality with little compromise to metrology performance.

9142, 9143, 9144 Users Guide Manual

Having Confidence in Specifications 61 KB. All Field Metrology Wells allow for two types of automated thermostatic switch test procedures—auto or manual setup. The second channel is user-selectable for 2- 3- or 4-wire RTDs, thermocouples, or mA transmitters. New control technology guarantees excellent performance in extreme environmental conditions.

It does not include the probe uncertainty or probe characterization errors. Multiple sized sensor holes to accept a wide range of temperature sensor diameters.