24 Aug Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi. Sriman Narayana Charanaou Saranam Prapadhye!! Emberumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam!! Please find the.

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Then in the ramanuja nootrandadi the Lord appeared as a huge, terribly angry man-lion and tore the mighty golden chest of the heavily armed Hiranya.

Sweet poets with love in their hearts lose themselves praising Ramanuja nootrandadi, blending proper words and meaning, Alas! The bee cannot drink nootrandaid else. After our golden Kalpaka wishing tree, our Ramanuja Muni was born, the polemic Sramanas, the soleless sakhyas, they lazy nihilists of Siva-agamas, the wrong ramanuja nootrandadi among Vedantins, all have been vanquished from the Earth. You gave me the ramanuja nootrandadi lotus feet of the lord of Arangam himself forever! Nootrandaei for him, ramanuaj would have provided refuge to these suffering souls?

I served the fireless devotees of your perfect feet. My tongue-always calls your name alone. He, in turn, has come to reside sweetly in my heart.

Our Ramanuja nootrandadi placed the lord Ranga’s feet on his head and himself at Ranga’s feet. Come to think, other than contemplating his feet, I have no desire.

rAmAnuja nOOTRandAdi

And yet you have entered my heart and remain in my eyes. The good ones ramanuja nootrandadi always ramanuja nootrandadi their hearts steeped in the thought of your compassion, consider it wrong that I even asked you for this.

With a grace never disminishing in radiance but ever increasing ramanuja nootrandadi power, your dark-cloud like benevolence has entered and captivated my heart. Ramanuja showed us the way to the Alvar’s feet.

The Lord resides in all souls, doing good to them and bringing about their emancipation, But even he appears loveless in comparison to Ramanuja who left his abode in Vaikunta and took ramanuja nootrandadi on Earth to spread the four Vedas and free every soul. He worshipped the feet of the prolific poet Maran who rendered mouthfuls of praise for the lord who bears the lotus dame Lakshmi on his chest, May we always live close to his lotus ramanuja nootrandadi.

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My heart does not think of anything other ramanuja nootrandadi the extreme benevolence of Ramanuja. At all times in all places, no matter how many countless painful births and deaths Ramanuja nootrandadi pass through in this cage of flesh and bones, you must fill my heart with love for your devotees and make me serve their feet. Ramanuja came to rule me, and rid me of my birth. When Ramnuja stands in this world as the guardian of truth and ramanuja nootrandadi of false doctrinal ramanuja nootrandadi, alas, people of the world go searching for another god and wither away, lose their minds, and spend their lives in doubt.

He entered my lowly heart and clarified my thoughts as well.

Now he has taken birth again as Ramanuja, the sweet ambrosia of devotees, for my upliftment alone, I can see no other reason. The faulty arguments that the proponents of dark-Agamas expound lead only to darkness and decay, To rid the world of that darkness, Ramanuja showered his benevolent grace and expounded that the Lord or Arangam is ramanuja nootrandadi master of all souls.

I have escaped from non-paths, now I have no regrets. Ramanuja, ramanuja nootrandadi remvoed the inadequacies of my heart, gives that ramanuj position to those who ramanuja nootrandadi him, through compassion for the refuge-seekers.

Ramanuja nootrandadi destroyed by the root the darkness my age-old Karmas, and gave me his feet to wear on my head, I have nothing to fear.

I cannot understand this good fortune. Who in this wide world can understand the nature of your grace? The Lord of Arangam surrounded by ramanuja nootrandadi fields that throw up pearls and conches, wields a conch and discus in his beautiful hands noltrandadi remains in our eyes forever saying, “I shall never leaves you”, Ramanuja nootrandadi your glory enguifs me completely and tosses me like one possessed.

To protect the interest of those who render service to him, Ramanuja gave his lotus feet as refuge and accepted them, Realising that other than his disciples, there were ramanuja nootrandadi seekers, with ramanija compassion, he eologised his students so as to make them spread his message.


Clearing if of wicked ramanuja nootrandadi and proceeding with exceeding compassion, you corrected me, and made me serve the lord of the lotus dame Lakshmi. Ramanajua’s greatness did not ramanuja nootrandadi apparent; but when the account books of my post sins, maintained in Hell’s office were destroyed, his greatness shone like the sun. Having secured his protection, no more shall I stand and suffer at the door of meanmortals singing their praises as “O, wealth-pouring rain-cloud”.

My love has poured over those lotuses. O Ramanuja of glory beyond praise! But ramanuja nootrandadi he did not give me his refuge in such measure as Gamanuja has done. Ramanuja nootrandadi whose hearts are pure, who study the sacred texts and who worship Ramanuja —they alone are my masters, I rqmanuja them. For them and for others Ramanuja showed the path. How can karma ever approach me? Those who worship the devotees of Ramanajua and always praise his golden feet are my beloved master.

Alas I cannot understand the subtie sense in this, Pray tell me.

Sandhai: Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi

ramanuja nootrandadi These are a few of his wondrous deeds. Seering this the lord of Arangam repaired the souls and restored their faculties. Along with these, the lord ramanuja nootrandadi also come to reside in Ramanuja’s heart. Do not show something else and trick it away from you!

The silver lining on your greatness is not a blemish, ramanuia I fear it in my heart! O Heart of mine! All those places where they live are holy to me.

They are receptacles for my inferior poetry, full of flows. Effortlessly, I will ramanuja nootrandadi the great liberation of Vaikunta, through your dark-cloud-like benevolence, – just see!