Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Naomi Novik and her novels of Temeraire “ Novik’s Crucible of Gold: A Novel of Temeraire – Kindle edition by Naomi Novik. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Contents[show] Book 7 The seventh volume of the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik, released March 6, Story Part I A while after the events of Tongues of . 1 Jun Welcome back to the Temeraire Reread, in which I recap and review Naomi We continue this week with the seventh novel, Crucible of Gold.

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Honestly, I can’t wait. So there’s an advice. And those plagues naturally had enormous consequences for society, not the least of which is that the Spanish under Pizarro walked into a civil war caused by unclear lines of succession after smallpox killed the Sapa Inca and his heir.

Trying to get him married with a woman despite of the knowledge that he’s gay was a way bigger reason for it than Does this amputation, in any way, changes the course of the plot in the book?

Hammond brings the news that Laurence has been reinstated to the Corps. De Guignes is, as always, perfectly courteous and kind, but also extremely displeased at having encountered them and does his best to isolate them. Therefore, peace in Brazil is of the utmost importance, and it seemed Wellington had expressed the opinion that if anyone might be hoped to have success at talking sense into a band of uncontrollable dragons, it should be the two of them; as long as someone was sent along to be sure they did not in the process give away three-quarters of the colony.

Iskierka ultimately wins the battle when her flame proves stronger than Manca ‘s acid. The Portuguese colony of Brazil is besieged by forces allied to Napoleon Bonapartebut not belonging to him: Cashiered out of the King’s Aviation Corps for conduct unbecoming an officer, William Laurence and his dragon, Temeraire, are living in Australia when Laurence is reinstated to his rank and sent to Brazil to try and prevent an alliance between the Incas and the French as well as protect the Portuguese royal family from the depredations of the Tswana, an African tribe.

His historical divorce from Josephine becomes an influential event. Duh, no SMART man would go to a brothel– and again that could be explained away with my explanation of secret wife and child.

I learned about the plagues that devastated the American continents from Charles C. With no land yold sight, the dragons are forced to remain aloft for many hours, until they come upon another ship; the French dragon-transport Triomphe – carrying four dragons; Genevieve – whose captain is revealed to be none other than De Guignes – ArdentusePiccoloand the Incan ceucible Maila Yupanqui.


Temeraire picks Laurence and Demane out of the water and returns to the sinking ship to attempt to pick up supplies.

She now lives in upstate New York where she is practicing law, raising a family, running Con or Bustand in theory writing at Dreamwidth and her booklog.

For Laurence and Temeraire, put out to pasture in Australia, it seems their part in the war has come to an end just when they are needed ctucible. By now you temeaire realize that the books follow the same formula. Her books are completely involving and probably addictive, their central conceit explored in clever detail with a great deal of wit and historical insight.

In the evening, Iskierka convinces Temeraire to mate with her – she is angry at no longer being the subject of Maila ‘s attention, and Temeraire is alarmed by Lien ‘s words; suggesting he will not be able to breed – and they do so, before discovering Incan forces heading towards their camp; Napoleon has won over Anhuarqueand they are now the enemies of the Incan Empire.

To ask other readers questions about Crucible of Goldplease sign up. Headed to the finish line on this series – As always the best parts of the Temeraire series are the chapters that are Temeraire’s POV.

Naomi Novik

Jan 12, Alyssa redheadreads rated it it was amazing. Right down to very distinctly alien manifestations of demand, justice and consent and how they interact with more baseline human drives you have a fictional society in the best traditions of the genre.

Iskierka is displeased that Maila is paying attention to the French Flammes-de-Gloire. Temeraire finds a small dragon named Palta, who is somewhat awkwardly plowing the fields; Palta agrees to come to the shore with Temeraire, on the condition that he cruciblf send home the handful of humans with him. Cassandra This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ Lots of things happen to Granby. Crucible updates this to eight districts Chapter 8 and the name to Pusantinsuyo.

The Portugese agree, not realising that this includes dragons. Gong Su is the only one who’s significantly changed and he hasn’t really temefaire, just our perception of temmeraire. After two weeks travel, the aviators reach the Incan Empirehowever, the first settlement they find is uninhabited; decimated by plague.

Novik, but I suppose using that unusual numbering convention implies that Laurence and Temeraire’s time in Australia makes up a “lost book” in the series, amiright?

The Temeraire Reread: Crucible of Gold |

Granby is horrified by the prospect, and quietly confesses to Laurence that he gole an invert, that is, he yemeraire exclusively sexually attracted to men Iskierka later indiscreetly reveals that he and Captain Little, of Immortalis, had been involved. Really enjoyed this one. At a farewell dinner given by MacArthur—now Governor—and more specifically Mrs.


There was nothing endearing about them, they were just silly and annoying, so that made em angry, causing me to accuse Naomi Novik of one count of character abuse see my blog post for explanation: View all 25 comments. Only the discovery of a wrecked pirate ship, its maps still legible, allows Laurence to chart a course back to the mainland. At the same time, Iskierka abducts Tarucaa blind man – with the intention of getting him to guide them – and they offer to take him crucibble them on their trip, so he can go back to his family.

Crucible of Gold

Very interesting stuff, and I’m happy-sad to find that the series is winding down. Plus Laurence’s responses are barely visible. Granby undergoes a dramatic change in fortunes.

The post-plagues Incan empire with its dragon dominated economy is a distinct jewel of this book. He seemed dumb and unable to make any decisive decisions. After a number of meetings with MailaIskierka announces she has arranged for them to meet the Sapa Inca ; Anhuarque Incawho Granby ends up talking with. Laurence finds himself in charge of a delegation that tries to make peace with the Incan Empress by marrying one of their own to her though it is really Granby’s fire breathing dragon that is actually wanted.

Including some who haven’t been around since book 3, whom I’d forgotten all about. Novik is doing a good job of moving her characters around the globe and putting them in new settings.

Crucible of Gold (Temeraire, book 7) by Naomi Novik

Granby vehemently refuses; eventually revealing to Laurence that he is homosexual – and in a relationship with Captain Little of Immortalis. Iskierka snatched him, and I cannot find she asked him in the least.

William Laurence and Temeraire, who have decided temeaire make a pastoral life for themselves in the British colony of New South Walesare disturbed by the arrival of the diplomat Arthur Hammond, lately assigned to Chinawho bears dire news. Governor Hualpa is the governor of dragons, it turns out; the governor of men will not receive Europeans because they have proven themselves untrustworthy killing a ruler after receiving the ransom you demanded for his release will do that.

Gong Su reveals he is in fact an agent for Prince Mianningand requests that they all accompany him to China. I thought Granby was better temeraife in this book.