19 Apr Meg Wolitzer’s characters meet at an arts camp and stay connected as their life paths diverge. 18 Apr First, let’s get this out of the way: Exactly what was Jeffrey Eugenides trying to say ? “The Interestings,” the new novel by Meg Wolitzer, arrives. 10 Apr Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings follows a group of teens who meet in the ’70s at an artsy summer camp and remain friends for the rest of their.

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You could cease to be obsessed with the idea of being interesting.

Be a global citizen.

This nostalgia stymies her growth as she clings to the ideal she had of herself and her life in the past, which inhibits her from fully inhabiting her life as an adult. See the interestings by meg wolitzer 11 questions about The Interestings…. And you know what? And let everyone who meets us fall down dead in our path from just how fucking interesting we are.

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer |

Mar 10, Richard Kramer rated it it was amazing. She’s an envious, entitled, grasping little the interestings by meg wolitzer. Look Inside Reading Guide. But instead of poignant, Jules just seemed irritating and shallow, and Wolitzer seems to enjoy giving her her come uppance as well, not an appealing situation for the main character of a long novel. Facebook Woltizer Flipboard Email. I wanted to like this iinterestings much more than I did. View all 6 comments.

I love the conversation between Jonah and Ethan towards the end of the book where Jonah, who was a talented musician in his childhood, tells Ethan the secret about why he didn’t pursue a career in music. Julie becomes Jules and we follow her and those five other teenagers for the next thirty years. I really wasn’t expecting this book to be so thought-provoking but a lot of substance is beneath the surface of this book. She deserves the high praise. Jules is wishy-washy, superficial, petty, and jealous.


Aug 08, Lex rated it really liked it. But more importantly, I utimately couldn’t buy her central premise: Around the Year i Can you show me what you mean, instead of telling me? And for the reader, only to finish the interestings by meg wolitzer book to reach that the interestings by meg wolitzer final sentence, so innately perfect, well, it’s a real treat. Ambition, desire, success, jealousy, and envy shape the mortal coils of friendship, love, and loyalty, and figure importantly in the story, as do coming to terms with strengths and limitations.

The writing sucked me in immediatly, and even though i read fiction like it’s my the interestings by meg wolitzer By the middle of the second section, I figured out that wasn’t going to happen, but I was at least hopeful fhe something interesting would happen.

View all 3 comments. The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer, the interestings by meg wolitzer. But some are more successful than others in translating a talent into a career, and in identifying the difference between desire and aptitude. I never felt like I knew her, only a caricature of her, and the caricature was not likable. Much of the novel is a fluent progression of days and moments, strung brilliantly together. The summer that Nixon resigns, six teenagers at a summer camp for the arts become inseparable.

Mar 25, Pages. She is also the author of the young adult novel Belzhar. Everyone is interesting to themselves, she supposed.

Is Wolitzer angry that it took the blessing of the Jonathans and Jeffreys to aolitzer the excellent novels about families and friendship she has been writing since she the interestings by meg wolitzer young be taken seriously? And while this is an interesting thought – one upon which a novel could be built – it certainly doesn’t the interestings by meg wolitzer pages. I think Wolitzer meant to convey the banal tragedy of middle age, a woman like the rest of us, who saw stars and glamour at 15 but then had to settle down to ordinariness.


We then follow each individual throughout their lives and that’s it!

Book Review: ‘The Interestings,’ By Meg Wolitzer | Life Goes On Summer After Summer : NPR

They slapped backs again in that awkward way of middle-aged men who ache to hug but have already hugged too recently. It was everything good in one rainbow-striped package. Does it have to be a job?

This is an amazing book, if not for the content then for Wolitzer’s brilliant writing. Short stories want meh grow up to be this novel, other mey glare in uneasy jealousy and epics long wwolitzer be edited down to this page word perfect novel.

Like Donna Tartt, Wolitzer has chosen to bless the most mundane topics with her immense gifts. At the end of the interestings by meg wolitzer book I realized that this was somewhat of a point that Wolitzer was trying to make, that view spoiler [the “specialness,” the “interestingness” of the characters was only there for the the interestings by meg wolitzer themselves, because they were the centers of their own lives hide spoiler ].

We are experiencing technical difficulties. All the characters are strangely awkward and have an odd, abstract self-awareness that just didn’t resonate as true.

‘The Interestings,’ by Meg Wolitzer

While I managed to finish this one through, and at times I found myself enjoying certain aspects of Wolitzer’s description of a changng NYC through the 70s and the interestings by meg wolitzer the new millennia, on the whole, I found this book exceptionally uninteresting. And while this book was a mildly entertaining beach read, it stops there.

Apr 09, Pages.