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Section 1. Paragraphs INTRODUCTION. 1. Scope. a. This manual is published for the information and guidance of ordnance maintenance personnel. Carefully clean corrosion preventives from materiel received from storage (refer to TM ). b. Instructions for cleaning and lubricating the rifle by using are. Tm – US 30 cal. – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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If the shop is of sufficient size to have more than one man performing the same operation, those performing duplicate operations should mark their work, so that it can be identified and corrective action taken if it is found to be below standard. 9–1275

Burs and scratches on wood grips should be smoothed with a fine flat file. For improvised hook and weights refer to paragraph Hold 9-175 sleeve of the gage back against the handle. Check rear sight nut for damaged or Improperly assembled nut lock, missing spring, foreign matter behind nut, and burs.

This section contains important general maintenance information which may be applied generally to the group or assemblies covered in the following sections. An item ttm has been used previously. Check spring for kinks and level seat.

Press on file on forward stroke only. The firingplncan then be with- drawn from its well, and new firing pin assembled, from the rear of the receiver.


Remove any gumminess and apply a very light, uniform coat of oil on the spindle and the sleeve. Sell now tm Have one to sell?

Leather straps should not crack when bent at a sharp angle. Tools for inspection III. If this occurs or if screw is too loose in its threaded hole, bore hole out with a drill to about twice the major outside diameter of the screw.

The fre- quency of cleaning depends upon the amount of firing. If longer cleaning rod than M3 rod is used, a rag should be stuffed in breech to protect face of bolt. The operating rod tube is slightly bent to provide clearance at the enlarged portion of the barrel.


Image not available Photos not tm for this variation Stock photo. See all condition definitions — opens tm a new window or tab For convenience and clarity, the main groups fig. If the gage reads 0. Place the gas cylinder lock over the barrel with the lug forward and screw into position. Check for recessive wear on face, worn or burred locking lugs and cam surfaces, and burred nose at top.

Description and uses of these tools are given in following paragraphs. Before firingthe bore and chamber should be wiped free of oil. Refer to eBay Return policy for more details.

Test accelerator for function, free rotation on pin, loose or 99-1275 pin, wear and burs. Loops may be spread by placing piece of flat metal between loop and strap and using light hammer. If bayonet lug is worn to loose fit with bayonet lug ways, and looseness cannot be corrected in bayonet ways as ex- plained in paragraph 46 c.

A sharp blade instrument, such as a mess kit knife, should be used to remove the carbon from the gas cylinder plug and piston head.

If this does not remedy trouble, re- place stock with new assembly, refer to paragraph By referring the serviceability chart, the inspector may readily determine the serviceability of a weapon in accordance with its future disposition.

Check rear hand guard band for looseness and burs. Check cover for security, and tension relative to aperture. Take care to file or stone evenly rm lightly and not to remove any more metal than is necessary so as not to change to tolerance or contour of the surfaces so treated.

Point of blade should be kept serviceably sharp. Check sear for looseness on pin and for burs, and pin for looseness, protrusion, and staking. Check the aperture for looseness at 9-127 settings. Bent sliding loops and hooks. Pressure can be increased by a slight bend down of cover at the “ridge”.


In the third and fourth 99-1275, maintenance operations are performed with only the limited tool facilities afforded by repair trucks, semipermanent shops at posts and camps, or an armorer mt making a regular inspection.

Full text of “TM U.S. Rifle, Cal M1, “

This will cause patch to be neatly wrapped around tool and will cover all its metal surfaces. For assembling refer to paragraph Check rod for binding with under side of barrel at the chamber, and at stock ferrule. Most of the operations described and illustrated in the following sections, therefore, may be performed by third, fourth, or fifth echelons of maintenance.

9-12275 extractor for burs and worn face, and plunger for deformation and burs. Check ferrule for looseness and burs. Check front sight dovetail for tours, and gas cylinder lock and screw for damaged threads, tool slot and burs. Although parts are interchangeable, tm work best in their original combination. Rear sight aperture loose. The disassembly personnel perform visual inspection of all components as they are removed to insure that unserviceable, irreparable components are dropped from the flow of parts as soon as they are removed.

In the older, or screw-on type fig. Check trigger lugs for levelness with each other and squareness of contact with faces of hammer hooks, and for wear and burs. Bar- rels that have pits large enough to cause cartridges to stick In the chamber hm be considered unserviceable and should be scrapped. Apply oil to wood onlyfm to remain a few 91275 to soak in. Remove burs and check freedom of spring action tmm assembl- ing, With spring compressed to.

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